Monday, July 03, 2017

My Den of Debauchery

At long last ! My den of iniquity, my secret dungeon of delicious depraved debauchery, my pussy worship passion pit, is finally ready for salacious shenanigans. Soft purple lighting, scented candles, designed and equipped for tongue 'n toy joy, intense pleasure, and squealing squirting orgasmic bliss. Includes a few delightfully filthy features I've long dreamed of, like leather and chain stirrups and a rimming table with a Hitachi Magic Wand attached at clit level. I've mounted the Sybian on a bar stool for a more 'realistic ride', impaled on the saddle, legs dangling helplessly. Guided tours available anytime to show it off to the young and the horny, the mature and the wicked, the plump and the skinny, the short and the tall, the blonde and the brunette, and all colours of the rainbow including grey. All this for the adoration, worship, pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction of a special libidinous pillow princess, someone like you.

Why don't you come up sometime and see me ? 
-- Mae West

pussy feasting chair with leather and chain stirrups

rimming table with Hitachi at clit level

climb onto the Sybian saddle for the orgasmic ride of your life

Sybian with large attachment

Sybian attachments

orgasmic vibrators

dildos of distinction 

 pumps and inflatables

wanna get fucked ?

fucking machine dildo selection

fucking machine -- choose your dildo 

glass toys

toy chest

the doctor will see you now

more kink -- flogger, riding crop, nipple clips and clamps, cuffs, clit clip, ball gag, feathers, blindfold, collar and leash

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